MorePeople is delighted to announce the appointment of Andrew Fitzmaurice as Recruitment Director

Company: MorePeople

Commenting on his appointment, Andrew said “When I joined MorePeople 3 years ago I realised from the outset that I was joining a great business, a business with an excellent reputation, a real passion and understanding for what they did and, importantly for me, real aspirations to grow bigger and better. It’s been an exciting 3 years since then and in spite of the challenges we’ve all had to face with events in the wider economy (and in our particular sectors, the weather!) the business has continued to grow year-on-year. That’s a result of continued investment by the Directors and a real team effort from a group of dedicated professionals. I am proud to become a Director of what is now, I think, an even greater business and lead a team of people with the culture, infrastructure and drive to take MorePeople somewhere really exciting.”

Director and Founder Guy Moreton said “Andrew’s previous experience in building and managing high-performance teams for a number of international recruitment businesses has allowed us to implement a number of new business processes to help ensure effective leadership of the team and maintain professional relationships with our clients. Peter Hunt and I are delighted that Andrew will be joining the board and working at a strategic level with us to grow the business and further develop the range of recruitment and training solutions that we provide to our clients right across the fresh food, agriculture and horticultural supply chains.”

Should you want to talk to us about the specific details of Andrew’s role, or if you have any recruitment, training or consultancy needs you would like to discuss, please feel free to contact either Guy Moreton, Peter Hunt or Andrew Fitzmaurice on 01780 480530.

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