MorePeople has appointed MD Richard Hanwell to the main board

Company: MorePeople

MorePeople has appointed MD Richard Hanwell to the main board.  He has become a shareholder. Founder Guy Moreton and CEO Andrew Fitzmaurice make up the remaining shareholding.

CEO Andrew Fitzmaurice explained, “Richard has been great over the past 24 months and has really helped drive the business to move forwards with its plans. We’ve made some amazing strides this year and having Richard as a shareholder is a massive statement of our commitment to our growth plans.

“Becoming a shareholder is a great achievement and is just reward for a career spent recruiting and managing teams in the food sector. We have a robust plan in place and we’re extremely confident in our ability to deliver – especially with Richard working closely with us. Here’s to 2023 and beyond!”

Founder Guy Moreton added “On behalf of Andy and myself, I am delighted to welcome Richard to the Main Board and congratulate him on becoming a shareholder of our fabulous company.

“Since joining our business two years ago Rich has worked tirelessly to drive performance and has had a tremendous impact on our growth and helped nearly double our team. The new shareholding reflects his achievements and his commitment to MorePeople and we know he will continue to help us develop in the years to come.”

We’re ending a successful 2022 with best ever weeks, months and quarters, settled into our fantastic new office, with another 9 new faces to the team and with more lined up to start in 2023!

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