Mollie Higginson has joined the HTA Council

Company: The HTA

Congratulations to Mollie Higginson who has joined the HTA Council as the Representative for the West Midlands region. 

Mollie grew up in the horticultural industry, from weeding plants at her family nursery in school holidays, to now being a sales representative of the northern region for New Leaf Plants.  The company is owned by her parents Nicky and David Higginson.

Mollie has worked in every area of the nursery, from propagation, tidying plants to managing our busy dispatch area. She has seen how all sides of the business work and understand the strains and joy of running a plant nursery and working in Horticulture.

In 2019, Mollie, along with Natalie Porter and Liam Cleary, set up YPHA (Young People in Horticulture Association), and now has over 100 members of under 35’s working in all areas of horticulture, from garden centres, growers and gardeners.

With this experience behind her, Mollie hopes she will be able to bring a lot to the council, with points of view from young horticulturalists as well as listening to all members. She is keen to learn from other members experiences and to further her knowledge within horticulture, and looks forward to representing her local region.

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