Local volunteer honoured by national charity

Company: Eve Tigwell Consultancy Ltd

The British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) awarded Eve Tigwell, the well known garden centre consultant, its Jubilee Medal in honour of her committed devotion to the Trust at its annual conference on 8th December 2012 in Swanwick, Derbyshire. 

In his citation, Lt Col Roger Dickey noted that Eve has been the BTO Regional Representative (RR) for Somerset since 1991 and continues in this role.  As RR, Eve has brought together conservation organisations from across Somerset, and heavily promoted the regional aspects of working for the BTO.

After qualifying as a biologist, Eve worked for various companies before setting up her own consultancy business nearly 25 years ago.  She was elected a Fellow of the Institute of Horticulture 2010.   With a background in retail design, ecological surveys, business and people management, Eve was suited superbly for subsequent posts that she was to take up with the BTO, including that of Honorary Secretary and Chairman of the Pension Fund Trustees.  These were all onerous tasks, which she executed professionally and with huge benefit to the organisation, supporting both the staff and management alike to tremendous effect, especially when tackling tricky issues.

Lt Col Dickey concluded; In addition to her work for the BTO, Eve is also a non-elected member of the Somerset Ornithological Society committee and Chairman of Trustees for the Somerset Wildlife Trust, having been a Trustee for nine years.  She has made an extraordinary front-line contribution to conservation and ornithology, and selfless contribution to the backroom business of the BTO.  It was therefore no surprise that there was unanimous agreement by staff, committees and Council that Eve Tigwell richly deserved recognition with the award of the Jubilee Medal today. 

On receiving her medal from BTO President, Baroness Young of Old Scone, Eve gave heartfelt thanks to the BTO for awarding her this honour.  She went on to say; “I have only been able to carry out this work for the BTO through collaboration and support.  This includes a huge amount of work by the many other volunteers who help at all levels with surveys and organising everything: also the support, occasionally exasperated, of all my friends who keep me going.  Thank you to you all.  Volunteering for the BTO also has a lot to do with passion, enthusiasm and, above all, fun and it has been fun!  So, thank you so much and I leave you with one of my favourite quotes: Be the change you want to see in the world (Ghandi).”

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