Lewis Normand appointed President of The Caley

Company: The Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society

“The Caley are delighted to announce that professional horticulturist and garden designer Lewis Normand has been elected the new President of the charity.  At the 214th AGM and Awards Ceremony, members of the Caley elected Lewis following the retiral of the previous President, Colin Ainsworth.

As well as continuing to work for Bernhard’s Nurseries as Sales Manager, Lewis will now lead Scotland’s National Charity for Gardening and Horticulture as they head towards their 200th year of Royal Chartership in 2024. 

When asked about the presidency, Lewis said, ‘Taking over responsibility for anything with the history, reputation and significance of The Caley is always daunting.  It is humbling and a huge honour to be trusted to deliver here.

I have been a council member for the charity for a couple of years now and have seen how we support both professionals working in the landscape industry and domestic gardeners alike across Scotland.  It is a very special organisation to be a part of, with a long story to tell.  I am particularly keen to see our educational provision developed further.  We already do a lot for learners who are often ill-suited to mainstream education and I believe we can expand on this, offering more courses to a wider range of learners. 

I will be reaching out to individuals and companies to partner The Caley in meeting our objective to be wide reaching, diverse and productive in furthering Scottish Gardening and Horticulture.’


The Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society (The Caley) is Scotland’s national horticultural and gardening society. Members include both amateur and professional, generalists, specialists and many others who simply like gardens and gardening.  We aim to encourage and improve the science, art and practice of all types of horticulture and to advance education in gardening and horticulture for everyone.

The Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society was established in 1809 by a group of seventeen Edinburgh worthies who met at the Royal College of Physicians. The outcome was the establishment of a Society for the ‘encouragement and improvement of the best fruit, the most choice flowers and most useful culinary vegetables’. Since the beginning, the Society has welcomed skilled professionals, amateurs, nursery owners and professional gardeners. In the early days, as it is now, the activities of the Society were focused on a mix of the theoretical and the practical sides of gardening and horticulture; medals and certificates were awarded and shows were held. In 1824 The Caley was awarded a Royal Charter, which it holds to this day.  Our Patron is the Princess Royal.

The policy and management of the Society is directed by a Council and is supported by a Secretary and Development Officers who manages our Grow & Learn projects.  The Council is made up of a President, Vice Presidents and elected members.

The Society issues prestigious awards, medals and certificates of merit in recognition of the achievements of professional horticulturalists, nurserymen, gardeners and amateur gardeners.  These awards include the Scottish Horticultural Medal, of which there can only ever be a maximum of 50 living recipients.  Winners of this medal have the right to include the post-nomials SHM after their name.

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