Leon Boots in marathon World Record

Last weekend, Becky Lafford broke the women’s world record for a marathon run in wellies, using the same lightweight Leon Boots that claimed the men’s record in 2021.

Becky Lafford is a family support manager for the charity Safe Families. When she was accepted to run in the London Marathon, an idea was planted by the Guinness Book of World Records given to her son for Christmas.  She should find a record to beat and discovered that the Woman's World record for running a marathon in wellingtons was over 4 hours, so that became her target.

Two years ago, Peter Butler-Jones donned Leon's lightweight boots when he set the men's world record for a marathon run in wellingtons, completing the course in two hours 57 minutes.

When approached, Leon were delighted to donate a pair of boots for the challenge and contribute to the Safe Families charity.  Becky went on to create a new record, completing the London Marathon in 3 hours 59 mins 57 secs.

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