Landscape industry heroes triumph and complete 3 Peaks Extreme Challenge for Perennial

Company: BALI

After six gruelling days of climbing mountains and cycling 450 miles, the fantastic Three Peaks Extreme Challenge team finally completed their fundraising challenge for Perennial yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon in mist and driving rain. Having cycled 50 miles to ‘base camp’ they got off their bikes, changed their kit, and got straight on with their trek to the top of Snowdon.
Every member of the team who started out on Friday 6th September finished, despite aching limbs, sore knees and tender rear ends, and so far they have raised over £15,000 for Perennial. Now that they are back home they still need to reach their £30,000 target and donations can be made at
The fantastic Three Peakers are:
Brian Herbert – Outdoor Options
Richard Gardiner – Norris & Gardiner
Paul Downer – Oak View Landscapes
Mark Gregory – Landform Consultants
John Wyer – Bowles & Wyer
Robert Crowder – Crowders Nurseries
Matt O’Conner – John O’Conner
Ed Belderbos – Belderbos Landscapes
Grant Beerling – Bartholomew Landscaping
Darren Skidmore – Skidmores of Hertford
Andy Moreham – Joseph Rochford Gardens
Jim Brasier – Jim Brasier Landscapes
Greg Skilbeck – Silverland Stone
Support crew and mountain climbs:
Liz Hughes and Lorraine Hartley – Provender Nurseries
BALI’s Chief Operations Officer, Wayne Grills, was full of admiration for the challenge team, almost all of whom are BALI members: “This really was a staggeringly tough challenge, completed by a terrific group of people. They have each given so much to see this through and the sense of achievement they are experiencing now is something most of us are unlikely ever to experience. I hope industry colleagues will continue to show their support by donating to Perennial and making all their efforts worthwhile.”

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