John Morgan has joined Richard Jackson’s Garden

Following a very successful spring launch of their plants on QVC this spring , Richard Jackson’s Garden have recruited John Morgan to help them develop and expand their plant range for QVC and their newly launched website.

John, one of the most experienced and best known plant buyers in the UK, has joined the team from Van Hage where he was responsible for all the plant buying for the 3 centres as well as a negotiator for the Tillington Group.

‘I’m delighted to join the team at such an exciting time’, commented John. ‘I’m amazed how many plants, in so many different varieties and sizes, are sold on QVC. It’s a wonderful opportunity for growers to sell their plants in a different market and I’m keen to work with them to develop ranges for the multi-channel retailer.

'I’m also talking to growers who already supply other vendors selling on QVC, there really is so much potential that we can all offer very different, non-competing ranges. Already we’ve found some great plants to offer QVC for the 2020 season, but I’m looking for many more!’

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