John Herbert to receive Global DIY-Lifetime Award 2022

The Boards of the European DIY Retail Association (EDRA), the Home Improvement Manufacturers Association (HIMA) and the Global Home Improvement Network (GHIN) have announced that industry veteran, John W. Herbert, has been selected to receive the industry’s Global DIY-Lifetime Award 2022 to be presented during the Gala Dinner on the 9th of June 2022 at the Global DIY-Summit in Copenhagen.

Born in Yorkshire, John W. Herbert started in retailing 66 years ago as a shop assistant at the York Co-op in 1956.  He left the British Rhine Army in 1965 and joined the NAFFI.  He was then employed in the management of the first hypermarkets in Germany and has been in the home improvement and DIY industry since 1983.

On receiving the news that the respective Boards of EDRA/GHIN and HIMA would be awarding the Global DIY-Lifetime Award to him, John stated, “I am honoured to receive this great accolade at the reunion of the industry after two difficult years of not meeting face-to-face.”

Sergio Giroldi, President of EDRA/GHIN, emphasized this decision by affirming that “John’s contribution to the industry is incomparable and I really appreciate his dedication in bringing together the international community of home improvement.”

Reinhard Wolff, President of HIMA, welcomed the decision and said, “I have always regarded John as an inspiring person, dedicated to his work, confident and dynamic and all with his incomparable British humour.”

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