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Company: Premier Decorations


Last Thursday, 27th March Premier Decorations’ Managing Director, John Athwal raised over £11,500 by taking part in the Action for Children CEO Sleep-Out in Paternoster Square in the City of London.

By spending the night under the stars John wanted to raise awareness of youth homelessness in the UK and to help change the direction of vulnerable young people’s lives.

Over 100,000 young people are homeless in the UK today, either living on the street, in temporary accommodation, or Sofa Surfing.

Of these 100,000 young people 1 in 7 will experience a form of sexual or physical abuse, 1 in 3 will attempt to take their own life and only 1 in 10 are reported as missing by parents or carers.

Young people today have borne the brunt of the economic downturn, experiencing increased unemployment, increasing rents and a dramatic increase in the cost of living.

Families are being put under a huge amount of pressure that affects relationships resulting in the fact that two thirds of children become homeless because of family breakdown.

Unless something is done to help these young people homelessness will remain high.          

ACTION FOR CHILDREN provides services across the UK for young people who simply have nowhere else to turn. The charity supports over 300,000 children, parents & carers each year, helping vulnerable families, children with disabilities, young carers and care leavers. They have a fostering and adoption service and the support that is offered to everyone has a massive impact on their future prospects. The support that ACTION FOR CHILDREN offers these young people is absolutely vital if they are to take the opportunities available to them today.

John commented “It was a tough challenge but then I only had to sleep-out for one night. The homeless have to endure this day after day, night after night. I am extremely grateful for all the support myself and my fellow CEOs received. Our aim is to ensure that ACTION FOR CHILDREN will be able to continue helping children and families to get back on their feet and be safe.”

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