Jekka McVicar to be President of the Herb Society 2013-2015

Company: The Herb Society

Currently a Patron of the Herb Society, Jekka McVicar takes up her new role as President from 1 January 2013.   Widely regarded as the queen of the herbal scene, the Herb Society is delighted that she has welcomed this closer involvement, which coincides with exciting developments at Jekka’s Herb Farm, her herb nursery near Bristol.  25 years of selling herbs at the farm and on-line will switch to the creation of a ‘herboretum’ to display the 650-plus herb species that will become a resource for plant identification, propagation and growing via workshops and classes for children and adults.

Jekka McVicar has won more than 60 gold medals at Royal Horticultural Society shows, including 14 at Chelsea and the RHS Lawrence Medal.   She is a great believer in using seasonal herbs in cooking, a particular favourite being rosemary, and the Herb Society anticipates featuring tastebud-tickling recipes in its journal, ‘Herbs’ and on its website

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