James Clovis appointed to reinvigorate Sinclair Professional

Company: sinc

JamesClovis has been appointed as Head of Sinclair Professional division.

Drawing on over 18 years of experience at Syngenta and Certis, James has a strong pedigree of successfully driving change and leading customer-focussed teams. He’s now looking forward to getting out and about, meeting growers to ensure the business meets their needs over the coming year and beyond.

As Head of Professional Business, he will also be responsible for research, innovation and technology and will spend a large portion of his time developing bespoke systems for growers based on their own preferential growing standards.
James said: “I’m ready to get stuck in. And my immediate focus will be meeting growers to make sure we’re meeting their needs moving forward.

“The coming year will see change. Growers will start seeing changes fairly quickly. We will be investing in sales, technical support and product innovation. Our production factory at Ellesmere Port is second to none and now we have the backing from a company such as Westland, we are able to start really delivering the benefits of this to growers.”

For further information, email James at jclovis@sinclairpro.com

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