Introducing our new flower expert

Company: Suttons

Suttons Seeds have always been at the top of their game when it comes to sourcing superb flower varieties....and not just varieties either, their flower product managers have also been the pick of the bunch too!

New to the Suttons Product Management Team is Charlotte Newitt, the Flower Product Manager.  Hailing from a garden retail background working for many of big players in the industry and also running her own garden design and landscaping company for 10 years, Charlotte is streets ahead in her talent for spotting blooms which have a range of beautiful unique selling points.

When asked why she joined Suttons, Charlotte said ' Suttons Seeds has a very exciting future ahead of it, it has seen bad times but since the management buyout the business is really turning corners. Suttons are very ahead of the game and really forward thinking.  Both directors David Robinson and Rufus Roberts are very entrepreneurial which instantly made me connect with the business. I hope to not only bring a different perspective with fresh ideas to the business, but also to learn and progress within the business too. Suttons is moving forward and I hope to be a part of their bright future for many years!'

Charlotte has found her first few months have gone super fast ... so I guess it must be true that time does indeed fly when you are having Suttons Seeds fun!!!

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