Ian Riggs joins Naturagrow

  • Ian Riggs

Natura Grow’s range of products are made from energy crops grown within a 20-mile radius of the Pretoria Energy Anaerobic Digestion Plants in Cambridgeshire.

The range includes both liquid and pelleted products in a range of pack sizes for Gardeners and Commercial Horticulturalists.

Natura Grow products are entirely peat free & vegan friendly, derived purely from plant residue material at the end of the anaerobic digestion process. They contain no food waste or animal products. Additionally, they are chemical free, safe to use around pets, wildlife and children, plus free from weed seeds.

The unique All Purpose Feed Pellets are high in organic matter and natural nutrition containing NPK and micronutrients.  1 litre of the dry pellets rehydrates to 2.5 litres of organic matter, The pellets are retailed in re-cyclable cardboard packaging with no plastic liner, with clear pictograms   on where and how to use.  A new alternative to products like Chicken Manure Pellets and Blood Fish & Bone Meal.

Riggs added “Naturagrow products are produced in the UK with the best of environmental and sustainability credentials, having the highest appeal to both hobby and professional growers to enable chemical and peat free growing with the added bonus of increased water retention and reducing diseases. I am excited to be joining Naturagrow, a great team, with a stimulating range and an exciting future. I look forward to meeting new customers.”

Steve Ripley, Managing Director of Pretoria Energy added “we were impressed with Ian’s depth and wealth of experience, we are delighted to welcome him to the Team”

Visit www.naturagrow.co.uk                                                                                                                              

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