Haskins celebrates qualification success for two employees

Company: Haskins

Haskins Garden Centres is celebrating the achievements of two employees, Jason Froggatt, Group Catering Manager at Haskins, and Mike Morath, Commercial and Operations Manager at Birdworld, after they achieved their Level 4 Award in Managing Food Safety and Hygiene in Catering.

The award was achieved through Highfield Qualifications, after Jason and Mike undertook a five-day course to learn in more detail about the most up-to-date food safety measures to ensure optimal food management and hygiene.

Jason and Mike will now introduce their useful learnings to the wider team at Haskins and Birdworld to improve the wider functioning of the business. This will guarantee that Haskins’ employees continue to practise the most up-to-date food safety measures, something that the business is dedicated to implementing across all its centres and at Birdworld.

Jason Froggatt, Group Catering Manager at Haskins, said: “It was great to enhance our own knowledge by completing this qualification. We had lots of interesting talks and look forward to taking useful insights from the course back to the wider team at Haskins. As leaders in our teams, it’s really important that we are able to pass our expertise on and train employees appropriately with the most up-to-date measures, and this course has certainly helped us do that.”

The Haskins group aims to promote personal development and growth of its employees as often as possible to input these learnings back into the business. This ensures that the business has sufficiently trained leaders across all its departments.

Mike Morath, Commercial and Operations Manager at Birdworld, added: “I think it’s really positive that Haskins promotes the personal development of its leaders and employees; it has allowed Jason and I to achieve this qualification which was great to be able to do together. We are keen to pursue other opportunities for development in the future, and it’s fantastic that Haskins, as a business, actively encourage us to do so.”

Haskins has five garden centres across the south of England and owns Birdworld in Farnham. The business is celebrating 140 years in the Horticultural industry this year.

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