Gert Van der Vijver to oversee UK sales

Company: Sjaak Van Der Vijver

Following internal restructuring, Sjaak van der Vijver B.V is pleased to announce that Gert Van der Vijver will now oversee all UK sales of cut flowers and plants.

Having been in the flower trade for over 50 years, sales to the UK were started by Gert’s Father, Sjaak van der Vijver snr, over 30 years ago and Gert has been in the industry for all of his working life.

The rest of the UK team remains as follows:

  • John de Raaf – Plant sales to wholesalers and Garden centres
  • Dean Williams – Cut flower sales
  • John Waddington – Business development

Between them, the UK team has over 100 years experience in the flower and plant industry and are backed by the largest family owned flower and plant exporter in Holland, supplying high quality flowers, plants and sundries to Europe, Eastern Europe and South East Asia, with family values and an impeccable track record for quality, customer service and integrity.

Gert’s Brother, Sjaak Jnr, remains Managing Director of the company.

For more information please contact John Waddington by emailing
or phone 07926 542935.

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