Fullbrook Nursery welcomes a new appointment

Company: Fullbrook Nursery

Fullbrook Nursery based in Lichfield Staffordshire continues its ambitious growth plans by continuing to invest in its cash and carry site based in Lichfield, Staffordshire.

Andrew Barlow has joined the business as Cash and Carry Manager. Andrew has spent his career in horticulture including managing cash and carry nurseries in the south of England. His knowledge and experience are going to elevate Fullbrook to become a destination cash and carry in the UK.

For 2023 significant improvements have been made to site to give customers more products to choose from and an improved customer experience.

  • New tree rails for popular container grown trees such as Betula, Pyrus, Malus and Sorbus
  • New range of 5 and 10 litre shrubs on a new hardstanding area
  • Our new ‘Fullbrook Specials’ area. A selection of handpicked and unique specimens including the popular Pinus strobus ‘Radiata’ Bonsai, Wisteria sinensis Umbrella’s and Ilex crenata cloud tree.

Fullbrook Nursery benefits from long-standing relationships with renowned growers across the UK and Europe, they offer an extensive range of homegrown, quality plant material. Customers from the trade, design, landscape and commercial sectors can tap into our wealth of experience and horticultural knowledge to guide them through their plant selections.


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