David Domoney is appointed Garden Bird Ambassador for the RSPB

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At their recent annual general meeting, The RSPB announced its first ever Ambassador programme. At the renowned charity’s 131st meeting, several famous faces were announced as Ambassadors and amongst them was popular garden broadcaster, David Domoney, who was asked to be garden bird ambassador.

Broadcaster and Chartered Horticulturalist David Domoney has over 40 years of horticultural experience. He has been championing the need to support and care for our native garden birds throughout his time in the media spotlight. David is perhaps best known as a presenter on ITV1’s prime perennially popular gardening show ‘Love Your Garden’, ‘This Morning’, and regularly works with Alan Titchmarsh on ‘Love Your Weekend’.

David, Garden Bird Ambassador for the RSPB said, “I believe in the great work the RSPB does, such as the Big Garden Birdwatch, encouraging more people to take part in this citizen science that helps us understand our bird populations and learn how to help them thrive.”  And as we approach the shorter days and colder weather of autumn and winter, caring for our garden birds could not be more important.

David shared 10 of his best winter plants that will attract and feed wild garden birds, that also give your garden beauty.

  1. Ilex aquifolium (holly)
  2. Hedera helix (ivy)
  3. Festuca gautieri (spiky fescue)
  4. Sorbus aucuparia (rowan)
  5. Dipsacus fullonum (common teasel)
  6. Lonicera (honeysuckle)
  7. Cotoneaster
  8. Malus (apple) ‘Golden Hornet’
  9. Pyracantha (firethorn)
  10. Betula pendula (silver birch)


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