David Denny is to swim the Channel for Greenfingers

  • David Denny with his support boat

David Denny is Market information manager for the HTA. When there is a suitable weather window between 17 and 25 August, he will set off from Dover Harbour to swim the 21 miles to France.

It will take him 20 minutes to clear the Dover Harbour Wall. Then he will have to endure hazards like sunburn and a tongue like a furry, shrivelled-up walnut. 

Read his fascinating blog to understand how he is preparing for the ordeal ahead.  Apparently you need three things to get through it: food, tunes to hum and a plan.  Tasty snacks while swimming will not include cereal bars, but tinned peaches and chocolate mini-rolls will be going with him.

Denny is raising funds for two charities Greenfingers and Clowns in the Sky, which supports children suffering from brain tumours.  It will encourage him to endure the 20 hour swim if he knows lots of people are sponsoring him.  Visit his Greenfingers Just Giving page to donate.

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