David Colegrave Foundation announces first winners of the Blue Diamond Scholarships

Company: David Colegrave Foundation
  • Anna Ciborowska - Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens
  • Victoria Adams - Writtle University College
  • Ben Sayer - Greenmount College
  • Thomas McDonald - Pershore College
  • Katie Pardoe - The Eden Project
  • Jessica Mears - Sparsholt College
  • Edward Charlton - Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens

The David Colegrave Foundation have announced this year’s scholarship awards, totalling over £25,000 of support for 11 students. The various awards help fund a wide range of students from 9 different colleges and universities throughout the UK.

Horticultural students are the future of our industry

The first to be announced are the winners of the new scholarship sponsored by the Channel Islands based Blue Diamond Garden and Living Group which attracted a large number of applications.

Speaking about this scholarship, chairman of The David Colegrave Foundation, Jeff Colegrave, said, “It is wonderful to have support for the Foundation from a major company within the horticultural industry.

“This financial commitment has enabled us to help even more students than we have ever been able to previously. 7 students have been awarded bursaries under this scheme and a total of £10,500 was shared amongst these students to help support them in their studies.

“Horticultural students are the future of our industry and it is so important that we do what we can to encourage them as they make their way into the industry.”

Blue Diamond’s support is helping to grow the next generation of horticulturalists.

All the students supported by the Blue Diamond Scholarships demonstrated their passion for horticulture and their commitment to building a career within the industry. Whether it is in the field of research, propagation, growing, design or plant retailing.

Blue Diamond’s support is helping to grow the next generation of horticulturalists. The groups MD Alan Roper said, “At Blue Diamond we are in the lucky position where we can help students grow their own career, and so it gives me great pride to give this opportunity to these students and share the passion we have for plants”

Winners of the 2022 Blue Diamond Scholarships:

  • Anna Ciborowska and Edward Charlton both studying at Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens;
  • Katie Pardoe, studying at The Eden Project;
  • Jessica Mears, studying at Sparsholt College:
  • Victoria Adams, studying at Writtle University College;
  • Thomas McDonald, studying at Pershore College;
  • Ben Sayers, studying at Greenmount College.

The money from the awards will be used to fund essential equipment like laptops, to pay course fees or to travel to visit nurseries in the UK or abroad.

One of the students said, “I am overjoyed and grateful to have been awarded a Blue Diamond Scholarship. It will reduce financial stress and allow me to focus on my studies. Thank you!”

 Another said: “Receiving the Blue Diamond Scholarship from the David Colegrave Foundation has given me such confidence and has opened up the possibility to pursue additional training that I know will help me in my future career.

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