Dave saves the day, despite the snow

Company: Q Lawns

Q Lawns stockist, David Fisher who is based in the Midlands received an unusual request last week.  Despite the region being under a thick blanket of snow and ice, he received an order for some turf that needed to be delivered next day.

The turf was to be laid indoors at an international festival for food excellence that runs from January 27th until February 3rd. BITE features chefs such as Greg Wallace, Prue Leith and the Fabulous Baker Brothers.

Fortunately for all, David had some turf left over from a pre-Christmas delivery that he had wisely unrolled and laid out on a holding bed.   The turf was covered with a 10cm layer of snow.  However, after a quick brush down, the sward was revealed to be in excellent condition and so the turf was rolled up and delivered to a delighted customer.

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