Conna and Dean make profitable changes for Haskins

Company: Haskins

There are many reasons why many retailers are struggling for survival whilst others, including the Haskins Garden Centre group, have seen profit on their £31 million turnover. Julian Winfield, Chief Executive of the family owned business, said that it is often the relatively simple changes, which can often be overlooked, that can make a difference to sales.

Over the last 2 months, thanks to a new wide pathway being introduced to their well-established Ferndown centre, departments including garden sundries, books, gifts and clothing have seen sales boost between 12% and 63%

“Since Conna Powles our Buying Director joined us just a year ago we have improved the range of stock across the departments but her suggestion to entice more people to explore the centre after leaving the restaurant by creating the wider, straight pathway has made a big difference,” said Julian Winfield. “Overseen by our Retail Operations manager Dean Ridley, the positive effect of the change has been proved by the figures.”

Conna admits that it would have been very easy to have left the layout of the centre as it has been since the centre was built in 1994: “It was a lot of extra work for the centre but now the floor plan change has enabled the departments to become more enticing. People generally do not like change but the staff at Ferndown has received compliments following their hard work. Customers now go with the new flow!”

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