Clocking up 133 years!

Company: Pennells Garden Centres
  • Fred Smith Retirement photo from May 1984 – with Trevor in the background
  • William Pennell, Trevor Smith, Jane Smith, Richard Pennell

Staff at Pennell’s Lincoln Garden Centre said goodbye to their colleague Trevor Smith on Wednesday, who is retiring after a fantastic 53 years with Pennells!

Trevor started work for Pennells on Jan 18th 1963. That winter was one of the coldest on record. Cliff Richards’ film Summer Holiday premiered that year, Charles de Gaulle said "Non" to the UK joining the common market and the Beatles had their first No 1 record

Trevor worked in many departments building his skills and knowledge on the nursery before becoming manager of the propagation unit at the company’s Hillside nursery at Waddington.

Following changes in the nursery side of the business in 2002 Trevor transferred to the garden centre at Hykeham where he was able to pass on his knowledge and skills to both the centre’s customers and younger staff. He also took on responsibility for the bulb buying for the centre.

Trevor comes from a family very much connected with Pennells. His wife Jane continues to work in the office and has been with the company for over 29 years and his father Fred also worked on the nursery and retired in 1984 after 51 years with the company - so between them they have so far worked for 133 years for the company.

Trevor was presented with gifts both from the company and from his fellow staff members

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