Christmas humiliation for Boyd

Company: Greenfingers

Boyd Douglas-Davies has accepted the challenge from Natalie Porter to face 25 days of Christmas jumper humiliation all in the cause of Greenfingers.

Natalie writes, “Given the industry's enjoyment of my humiliation based festive fundraising last year (and the invaluable funds we raised for fantastic horti charities) it has been decided that #themostjumperful fundraiser will continue, and that each participant will nominate a new jumper wearer for the following year.

“My box of jumpers is currently on its way to Mr Boyd J Douglas-Davies, who has chosen to fundraise for GREENFINGERS CHARITY.

A different Christmas jumper every day

“Boyd will wear a different Christmas jumper every day from 1st to 25th December and I will document his journey through

“The aim is to at least match 2020's fundraising total (£2500), by hopefully finding companies to sponsor each of the 25 days at £100.

“If anybody is willing to sponsor Boyd, please contact me to choose a date! The jumpers I have sent include many of last year's favourites as well as a few newbies... please bare in mind the difference in height and gender between Boyd and me when considering the value of his humiliation!!”

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