Cake for customers as Haskins Roundstone Garden Centre celebrates 1st anniversary

Company: Haskins Roundstone Garden Centre

Regular customers who visit the Haskins Garden Centre at Roundstone near Worthing were astounded to be asked to celebrate the first anniversary of the opening of the £12 million new centre and restaurant.

Julian Winfield, Chief Exec of Haskins, who with General Manager Kirsty Goble and Sous Chef Marcin Schmitt, handed out pieces of birthday cake to customers, said that most people were astonished that a year had gone by since Local MP Nick Herbert officially opened the centre.

“It has been an incredible 12 months. Fortunately, and despite the best efforts of the economic and environmental climate, the new centre has lived up to the expectations of our customers and our turnover is double that of the original Roundstone garden centre.  We are delighted that the new centre has been accepted as a vast improvement and is now enjoyed by thousands of visitors each week,”

He said that they were pleased to have planned for the 500 space car park as the recent opening of the Hobbycraft store and other concessions following a £1 million redevelopment of horticultural buildings adjacent to the garden centre has again substantially increase the number of shoppers.

Norman and Audrey Saunders from Chichester were the first customers to enjoy the anniversary cake.  Norman, a retired packaging designer and his wife said that they were delighted to help the friendly team celebrate a successful first year.

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