Bringing the right balance between great genetics and commercial success

Company: Syngenta Flowers

Syngenta Flowers announces the appointment of Martijn Kuiper (MBA) as new Head of Product Management  EAME. The company has been focusing on growth and innovation in recent years and Kuiper is determined to drive that focus, bringing the right balance between bringing great genetics to the market with a commercial perspective.

Martijn Kuiper brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team. In the past 20 years he has spent time all around the world in the floricultural industry, this has given him a broad experience how the industry functions. The last decade he was Sales Manager North America, South America, Asia and Pacific with Beekenkamp. He started his career in in the Kuiper family owned pot plants business and already worked with Syngenta Flowers as Senior Trial Officer for biennials and perennials before joining Beekenkamp. Martijn recently completed his MBA that gave him a very broad view of the business, market developments, enabling him to play in broader discussions on a high level.

Martijn Kuiper replaces Sandra Verlaat as Head of Product Management, who held this position on an ad interim basis since November 2019. Sandra Verlaat can now fully focus on her role as Head of Marketing. Verlaat: “. We have a good product portfolio and are strong in a number of products. Connecting this to the market with the right balanced commercial perspective is crucial. Kuiper brings that knowledge and experience to the team. The future has never been so colorful, we are facing a blooming and bright future."

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