Bents' FD retires after nearly 30 years

Company: Bents Garden & Home

Last year Bent Garden & Home in Warrington, Cheshire celebrated its 85th anniversary; a huge milestone for any business and one which it is extremely proud of. But it is prouder still of its fantastic team of colleagues, one of whom has been critical to its growth and success, and after almost 30 years has now retired from the family owned and run business.

Brian Daniels

Brian Daniels, Bents’ Finance Director joined the team in 1993, when Ron and his wife Wendy were running the business.  At this time, the family had lots of ideas and plans, but required help and guidance to make these dreams a reality, whilst at the same time ensuring financial security and future growth.

During his time with Bents, Brian has helped to transform what was an ambitious garden centre business into an award winning Destination Centre encompassing the garden, home, leisure and food, with a choice of dining.  He has overseen the financial growth of the family business from sales of £2m to a turnover of £25m and has helped manage over £29m worth of investment.

Says Matthew Bent, Managing Director at Bents Garden & Home: “It really is the end of an era and one which none of us was looking forward to.  Brian has been a mainstay and constant part of my working life and I’m not the only one who is going to miss him. He has not only been fundamental to our growth and success, helping to guide us through the ups and downs of the past 30 years, but he is also a true friend and member of our family.”

Mentor to the wider management team

In addition to his commitment to keeping costs under control and keeping the company financially secure for its wider family of colleagues – something which was proven by Bents’ performance through the Covid pandemic – Brian has also been a mentor to the wider management team, helping to encourage and guide family members working within the business.

Says Ron Bent, Chairman at Bents: “Brian is a great friend and support to the family.  We are proud of what we have achieved together and I want to join Matthew in saying a huge thank you to him for all his advice, encouragement and input over the years. 

“For any great business, along with vision and innovation there must also be shrewdness and pragmatism to successfully convert ideas into reality and with Brian we had the very best person for the job.  We wish him and his wife Eileen all the best for the future, but whilst this may be his retirement from the business it is not from the family and we are looking forward to seeing him soon.”

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