Bellagio Cross the Atlantic for Greenfingers

Company: Greenfingers

Julian embarked on his epic challenge from Tenerife on 2nd November set for ten days at sea dealing with testing conditions, lack of sleep and isolation before arriving safely in Antigua and setting his feet back on dry land. His daring feat raised over £1,800 in sponsorship for Greenfingers, the funds will be put towards the charity’s Rosy Cheeks Appeal.

Julian commented on his adventures, saying: ‘What an amazing experience we have all had on this trip – whilst our crossing was calm for a number of days dealing with unexpected squalls was challenging and being at the mercy of the sea was humbling. I am delighted to have raised £1,800 for Greenfingers which I know will be put to great use creating more wonderful hospice gardens.’

Deborah Skillicorn, Charity Director at Greenfingers, added: ‘Greenfingers would like to say a huge thank you to Julian for choosing to raise money for us on his voyage. Our thanks and gratitude are extended to Bellagio for supporting us and everyone who took the time to sponsor Julian on his incredible trip.’

Julian was joined on the trip by six others including the sculptor Anthony Gormley, as well as being supported by five professional crew members.

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