5 half marathons to raise money for Greenfingers

This year Heidi Towse, a category manager at Blue Diamond Garden centres, set out to run 5 half marathons to raise money for Greenfingers charity. She is pleased (relieved) to say that the 5th and final has been completed in Oxford.

She says, “Now a half marathon may not sound that challenging compared to running a full marathon. But put it into perspective.

“I’ve been training every day since January. Run an average of 5k a day, every day for the past 288 days.

“Run one race with covid, 2 races, 2 weeks post covid, 2 races in a heatwave and one in a freak hailstorm.

“Run over 1,500 km or 993 miles in old money, that’s Lands end, past John O’Groats and off to the Shetland Isles.”

“If that doesn’t deserve a donation then please just give to this fantastic children’s charity.  Thank you, Heidi”

Heidi Towse is fundraising for Greenfingers Charity (justgiving.com)

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