2,013 saplings donated by garden centre

Company: Monkton Elm Garden Centre

Schools, charities, village organisations and community groups were invited to nominate themselves for the annual sapling giveaway scheme run by Monkton Elm Garden & Pet Centre at Monkton Heathfield.

Plant Manager, Andrew Pitman explained: “We offered the free young trees to worthy organisations that need them for charity, community and school projects.

“We hold the sapling giveaway every year and it has become extremely popular. We started the New Year by setting aside 2,013 small sapling trees, which were allocated on a first come, first served basis.

“The schools, community groups and charities that received them were very appreciative and we were delighted to help them by donating the saplings, which are ideal for hedging or creating small woodland areas.”

The garden centre, which was awarded the Albert Goodman Family Business Award at the Somerset Business Awards in 2012, has now given away groups of between 50 and 100 small indigenous British varieties of saplings to 27 schools and organisations.

Among those to receive donations were Brymore School in Cannington and Brookside Community Primary School in Street.

Brymore School has been awarded 100 saplings to create a small copse on some land and encourage biodiversity to the area. The planting of the trees will form part of a project for the newly formed Forest School approach to curriculum for students with additional learning needs.

Meanwhile, Brookside Community Primary School has been awarded 50 trees to provide further educational opportunities in the school garden. The school’s students enjoy planting, growing and learning about nature and the donation will provide further educational opportunities for them.

For further information, please call the garden centre, which is located just off the A38 at Monkton Heathfield near Taunton, on 01823 412381, visit www.monktonelmgardencentre.co.uk, log on to www.facebook.com/Monktonelm or follow the company on Twitter by visiting www.twitter.com/Monktonelm.

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