Which plant varieties will be hot for 2021?

  • Osteospermum Serenity Sunshine Beauty
  • Rudbeckia Sunbeckia® series
  • Nemesia Lady™ Lisa
  • Agastache Morello

The Summer Trials at Ball Colegrave was probably one of the only Professional Trial Grounds in the UK or even Europe opening its doors to its customers this season.

Marketing manager Stuart Lowen said, “Trialling is at the heart of everything we do as we believe it is incredibly important for anyone involved in production and retail to see how the up and coming new plant developments perform in real growing and garden conditions”.

The ‘working trials’ this summer focussed on both Annuals and Perennials and provided some great insight into both existing, new and over 1,000 experimental varieties.

As always, Ball Colegrave offers visitors the opportunity to vote for their favourite varieties from any of the trials .

Customers Favourite Annuals for 2021 –

1 NEW Nemesia Lady™ Lisa

2 NEW Osteospermum Serenity Sunshine Beauty

3 NEW Calibrachoa Can Can® Orange Punch

4 NEW Petunia Tumbelina® Sophia

5 Calibrachoa Can Can® Sunrise Improved

6 NEW Calibrachoa Can Can® Blueberry Punch

= 7 NEW Petunia RoyalSky

= 7 NEW Begonia Rivulet White Blush

= 9 NEW Petunia Tumbelina® Darcy Rosa

= 9 NEW Begonia MegaWatt series

= 10 NEW Helichrysum Silvio Spreading

= 10 NEW Nemesia Lady™ Emma

= 10 NEW Petunia Tumbelina® Superstar

= 10 NEW Verbena Showboat Crimson Velvet

= 10 NEW Petunia CircusSky

16 NEW Calibrachoa Starlight Blue Improved

17 NEW Salvia Roman Red

= 18 NEW Calibrachoa Can Can® Double OrangeTastic

= 18 NEW Salvia Purple & Bloom

= 18 NEW Trixi® Blue Baroque

Stuart said, “One of our current business developments is looking towards the growing Perennial market. We see many great opportunities for the garden market in this sector.

“With our recently appointed Perennial Business Manager, a new position in the company, Ball Colegrave have already carried out extensive perennial trials this season and extended our perennial product range. It was clear from the summer trials there was much excitement by visitors towards the extended Perennial Varieties on display.

Customers Favourite Perennials for 2021 – Perennials

1 NEW Rudbeckia Sunbeckia® series

2 NEW Agastache Morello

3 NEW Penstemon Dakota™ Burgundy

4= NEW Armeria Dreameria® series

4= Helenium Short 'n' Sassy series (Future Introduction)

6 NEW Senecio Angel Wings

7= NEW Agastache Little Adder

7= NEW Agastache Peachie Keen

7= Centaurea Snowy Owl (Future Introduction)

7= NEW Echinacea SunMagic New Vintage Red

7= NEW Lobelia F1 Starship Blue

7= Penstemon Dark Towers (Future Introduction)

7= NEW Salvia Mirage Blue

7= NEW Salvia Mirage Rose Bicolour

7= NEW Sedum Touchdown™ Teak

16 NEW Penstemon Onyx and Pearl

17 NEW Echinacea Moodz™ series

18= NEW Ajuga Princess Nadia

18= Alstroemeria Summer Paradise Indian Summer®

20 NEW Achillea Peter Cottontail

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