The 'Good Life' to be won in BBC TV Farming programme

If you know of friends or relatives who are attracted to all that farming has to offer, the deadline to apply to take part in this BBC TV search for such a couple is Wednesday 28 April.

This summer ten lucky couples selected for the programme will learn about the skills needed to farm in the British countryside. They will experience all areas of farm life, from animal husbandry to coping with the unpredictable weather, when they compete for the opportunity to live and work on their own small farm.

Lantra, the Sector Skills Council for the environmental and land based sector, highlighted the fact that there is a critical shortage of people choosing farming as a career and that 60,000 new entrants are needed in the next few years just for the industry to stand still. Many experienced farmers are soon to retire and new blood is needed to follow in their footsteps.

This high profile BBC series will highlight what farming has to offer when their ten chosen couples compete to win the chance of a lifetime to get into farming.

Lantra welcomes the BBC’s decision to commission the reality-style show as it will highlight the often high-tech skills needed in farming today and will bring agriculture right into the living rooms of millions of TV viewers, demonstrating how rewarding working in agriculture can be.

The BBC is looking for couples of all ages and types of relationships who are serious about wanting to change their lives and who think they will relish life on a farm. Whether it's a love of animals or a passion for the great outdoors, the series producers want to hear from you.

To apply to take part in the six week series, couples – married, friends or siblings – need to contact the TV company at and an application form will be emailed to you. The deadline is 28 April.

To view case studies of people already working in the industry visit Lantra’s website at
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