Richard Jackson, challenges Britain to get ready, steady, grow!

Richard Jackson, the QVC gardening guru, who also sells his own Flower Power product range, has created the Couch to Five a Day Challenge to encourage more people to grow their own.

Richard knows that there are many people who are keen to grow their own fruit and vegetables, but don’t know where to start. There are others who started during last year’s lockdown but have been discouraged by the results because they didn’t pick the best varieties or didn’t have the right information.

This is what led to the creation of the challenge and the launch of two products kits to get people growing, each costing £19.99.

The first kit will be available in March with a second kit released in May, the challenge contains everything needed to make it easy to grow your own. Each pack contains five top varieties of fruit and vegetable seeds and plants, complete with easy-to-follow growing instructions.

Everything can be easily grown in pots on the patio or balcony. It is easy, fun and the perfect way to start growing your own.

‘Challengers’ are encouraged to share their progress on Richard Jackson Garden’s social media sites to help get more people involved, to share tips, stories and recipes, and to create a community of passionate grow you owners!

The March challenge kit contains five varieties of fruit and vegetables, that are specifically selected to be planted or sown from the time of receipt. These include

  • a pack of Swiss chard ‘Rhubarb’ seeds,
  • five Charlotte potato tubers
  • three Malling strawberry plug plants
  • one Autumn Fruiting Raspberry cane
  • one Blueberry Bluecrop plant in a 1.5 litre pot

The kit also includes an easy growing guide, containing full instructions from Richard on how to get the best from the crops.

The May kit will contain five different crops, selected for the warmer time of year. Climbing French beans, perpetual spinach, patio tomatoes, patio peppers and Malling strawberry plants will ensure a tasty, nutritious summer 2021.

The Flower Power range is a complete range of easy to use, high quality, high performance garden products, researched and developed from professional market formulas to help everyone grow bigger, better and healthier plants. The extensive range includes lawncare products, plant feeds, pest and weed control, a wildlife range, tools and gifts.

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