Results show gardening’s winners and losers

Each month Gardenforum’s Company Results pages are updated with the latest accounts filed at Companies House. Here is a summary of the results updated on Gardenforum within the last months. To see the full figures visit the Company Results in Tradeforum. These include sales, profit before tax, fixed assets, interest paid, total borrowings and shareholders funds for the last 3 years. This shows the trends for your competitors and the companies you trade with. You can get further detail with a full company report from Jordans for only £15.

Sales recovered at Allensmore Nurseries to £7m. There was a return to profit with £230k and borrowings dropped by 1/3rd to £602k. Y/e Sep 09.
Frank P Matthews declared a profit of £312k on sales of £3.5m for y/e Jun 09.
Johnsons of Whixley published a turnover of £9.8m with a profit of £28k for y/e Sep 09.

Suppliers / Manufacturers
Bayer Cropscience increased turnover 5% to £261m. Profits fell back sharply to £9.5m for y/e Dec 09.
Turnover at Chase Organics (Great Britain) fell back slightly to £1.9m. Profits slipped back to £122k for y/e Nov 09.
Coleman UK increased sales 20% to £18.8m, but losses were still substantial at £1.6m for y/e Dec 09.
Fordingbridge plc reported sales 7% lower at £5.3m, but there was a strong return to profit with £630k for y/e Dec 09.
Turnover fell 17% at Haddonstone with a loss of £440k for y/e Jul 09.
Hozelock increased profit to £1.8m on sales up 2% to £43m for y/e Sep 09.
J Parker Dutch Bulbs (Wholesale) returned a profit of £698k of sales of £16.2m for y/e Jun 09.
Sales fell 18% at Marshalls, the paving product supplier, to £311.7m. Profits collapsed to a loss of £2.4m for y/e Dec 09.
Sales remained static at Monro Horticulture at £29.4m, but there was a loss of £36k. Total borrowings were £13.6m at y/e Jun 09.
Profits grew sharply at Mr Fothergill’s Seeds to £1.7m on sales of £18.4m for y/e Jun 09.
Ryobi Technologies (UK) increases turnover to £41.0m but declared a loss of £10.9m for y/e Dec 08.
Turnover at Spear & Jackson Garden Products fell 9% to £10.0m with losses increasing to £1.4m for y/e Sep 09.

Garden Centres / Retailers
Sales fell for the 3rd year at Adrian Hall to £5.5m. Profits however increased to £62k and borrowings reduced for y/e Jun 09.
Armitage & Sons (Seeds) published sales of £6.4m, but profits sharply lower at £110k for y/e Dec 09.
Profits recovered at Clifton Nurseries to £46k on sales that were slightly lower at £3.1m. Y/e Aug 09.
Sales recovered at Goulds (Dorchester) to £6.1m with a return to profit of £182k for y/e Jan 10.
Highway Nurseries (Framingham Pigot) reduced losses to £3k on sales of £2.9m for y/e Jun 09.
Klondyke Group increased sales 12% to £42.6m. Profits grew to £3.9m for y/e Sep 09.
Sales at Wheatfields Park fell back to £3.7m. Losses reduced to £294k for y/e Jun 09.

Datateam Business Media fell to a loss of £131k on sales of £6.5m for y/e Jun 09.
Kybotech, the online home and garden retailer, increased sales to £18.8m, but fell to a loss of £766k for y/e Dec 08.

Other companies updated on Gardenforum’s Company Results recently include
Avon Bulbs
Avon Mill Garden Centre
Basildon Rose Gardens
Bleak Hall Bird Farm (Kempston)
Brinkman Farms
Brown & Sons (Seeds)
Busy Bee Nurseries (Isle of Wight)
Cadix (UK)
Carnon Downs Garden Centre
E.J. Godwin (Peat Industries)
Glebe Gardens (Countesthorpe)
H Evans & Sons
Hilltop Garden Centre
IML Labels & Systems
Joseph Metcalf, now owned by William Sinclair Horticulture
Liss Forest Nursery
Mim’s Enterprises
Newquay Garden Centre
Orchard Garden Centre
Peter Beales Roses
Podington Nurseries
R Yates & Sons
Riverside Garden Centre (Bristol)
The Federation of Garden & Leisure Manufacturers
Warmerdam & Co (Crews Hill)
Westcountry Garden Centres
William Sinclair Horticulture
William Strike, which is part of Klondyke
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