‘Reset’ - biggest style for next 3 years

With the return of the ‘live’ event, The Exclusively exhibition (24th to 25th August at the Business Design Centre) will unveil the next three / five year trends to buyers, trade and consumer media and suppliers.  One of the biggest is Reset.  Trend forecaster, Scarlet Opus, will be sharing all the details at the show in a series of seminars and trend tours.

Sustainability is the norm

It is a trend which is already manifesting in global design as sustainability shifts from being a trend to being the norm.  Embracing this point, product at the show will be perfectly placed for buyers both immediately as well as long term.

Reset is all about ‘preserve, conserve, protect’ and acknowledges the establishment of green cities, urban farms, rooftop and vertical gardens.  This is about the circular economy and the key mantra of ‘do no harm’.  As a result, this is about designing out waste, repairing and reusing, and products that are not disposable.

Nature, recovery, local, waste, protect and reuse

In terms of style, we will be seeing blues and greens and muted patterns which reflect foliage, herbs, fruit and vegetables.  A mix and match pallet that will look particularly good on glass. 

Key words are nature, recovery, local, waste, protect and reuse.

Products which work with Reset will not only be prevalent in the exhibition in general, but also in the Brand Showcase – a media-friendly edit of the main show – where some 250 press, bloggers and influencers will soak up the on trend thinking and use it in all their coverage to come.

More information about visiting Exclusively can be obtained from the BHETA Member Services Team on 0121 237 1130 or via the website www.exclusivelyshows.co.uk.

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