HTA gains unprecedented access to Government

The HTA’s campaign to highlight the plight of UK growers has been successful in persuading the Government to recognise ornamental growers as a key industry. 

The Growers in Crisis campaign has achieved massive coverage on TV and the national and local press, highlighting that some growers will have to scrap thousands of plants representing as much as 70% of their annual sales.

As a result, HTA chairman James Barnes and his team have gained unprecedented access to Government departments, to push the case for £250m compensation fund.  Detailed discussions have taken place on how it might work.

Growers must be ready with evidence

If the Government offers compensation, growers must be ready with evidence, says the HTA’s James Clark, in the same way they would for an insurance claim.  They should be recording lost sales and photograph stock that has to be thrown away as well as listing it.

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