Garden centres do not have to open on Wednesday

The HTA is warning members to take a thoughtful and considered approach to reopening and not to open until they are ready.

Failing to manage their reopening safely, losing control of the social distancing as shoppers descend on garden centres, could lead to a local increase in Coronavirus infections and a second lockdown.

The HTA has therefore called for a thoughtful and considered approach to reopening.

The HTA calls for caution.

James Barnes, HTA chairman said, “For garden centres who are reopening, it is essential that we proceed with the utmost caution. I am aware that many businesses have already begun to implement very robust policies around social distancing, but we now need everyone in the industry to download the HTA’s Safe Trading Guidance from our website.” 

The guidance is the document that has been shared with government.

He reminds garden centres, “You do not need to open on Wednesday - if you are not ready then you must wait until you are.”

Reassurance to the public

In order to provide reassurance to members of the public, the HTA will be asking all their members and non-members listed on the website to indicate when they have reopened and that they are following the Safe Trading Guidance.

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