DIY & Gardening forecast to be down more than -12%

BHETA has reduced its forecast for DIY and Garden sales in 2020 by -12.1%.  But, it says, the sector is better protected than some.  It projects 2020 sales will fall from £11.4bn to £10bn.

Online sales in the sector are predicted to grow by +16.2% more than previous forecasts.

BHETA’s marketing manager, Steve Richardson, said, “These figures show DIY and garden in a stronger position than some other areas of home enhancement retail such as flooring, furniture and housewares, as consumers focus on DIY and garden projects instead of holidays and leisure activities.  The warmer spring weather is also helping as householders spend more time in their gardens.”

Both April and May will show non-food spend decimated

Bheta also forecasts that overall retail sales will fall by -4.4%, with non-food spend decimated as the lockdown extends with online sales offsetting, but not compensating for reduced footfall in store.

The figures show a gloomier picture for non-food offline sales than a week earlier owing to the lockdown extension and increasing evidence of the damage done to the macro economic situation and growth in unemployment forecast.

The British Home Enhancement Trade Association (BHETA) produces a quarterly economic report for members and is producing weekly financial updates for its DIY, garden, housewares and small electricals members.

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