Can NI Garden centres keep trading post Christmas? 

The HTA seeks clarity on opening of Northern Ireland garden centres following minister’s statement on new lockdown starting on Boxing Day.

Northern Ireland has announced a six week lockdown starting immediately after Christmas. In the previous lockdown Northern Ireland in the provonce continued to trade along with other essential retailers. 

However, there is some doubt following the statement by Health Minister Robin Swann saying, "We are in, large part, returning to the sustained lockdown introduced in March." Garden centres were forced to close in March, but were subsequently added to the essential retail list.

Reacting to the announcement by Northern Ireland’s Minister, James Clark for the HTA, said: “As we currently understand the situation, there is no reason that garden centres should not continue to trade in Northern Ireland, as they were able to in the previous lockdown.  

“However, we are urgently seeking clarity on behalf of our members and will be putting the case to the Northern Ireland Executive Government for the important role garden centres have to play in providing safe and healthy activities for people staying at home.” 

According to BBC reports Click-and-collect retail will not be permitted and homeware will not be categorised as essential retail.

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