Call to back Hyde Hall growing trials

For 3 years Peter Seabrook has been running a UK growing trial for summer bedding at RHS Hyde Hall, near Chelmsford.  

With the help of full-time employee Molly Christman he has turned a 1 acre plot into Floral Fantasia, a demonstration of colour with bedding, sweet peas, roses etc.  In this he has had backing from the BPOA and a number of British growers and breeders.

The displays have been popular with visitors to Hyde Hall, some of whom visit monthly to see how the garden changes.   One favourite is the rose bed, underplanted with cyclamen and tulips.

UK growers and retailers asked for support

Floral Fantasia, is the only remaining opportunity in Britain for the trade growers and retail buyers, to compare introductions from nurseries and plant breeders and see them growing to maturity. 

To date the trials have been financed by Peter Seabrook.  To retain the trial grounds for another 3 years, he has been asked by the RHS to find guaranteed backing of £30,000 a year. 

He has asked UK growers and retailers for support.  Already he has commitments from Whartons, Mr Fothergill’s, Whetmans, Hayloft, the BPOA and Fleuroselect.

This is an example of British horticulture working together to promote their products.  Peter is hoping 4 or 5 more companies will commit £2,500 a year for 3 years to have access to the trials and back this resource.    

To find out more contact Peter Seabrook directly using the ‘Contact the advertiser’ button below or the BPOA (British Protected Ornamentals Association) at

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