Big increase in Profits for Scotsdale

Each month Gardenforum’s Company Results pages are updated with the latest accounts filed at Companies House. Here is a summary of the companies updated recently. To see the full figures visit the Company Results in Tradeforum. The report includes sales, profit before tax, fixed assets, interest paid, total borrowings and shareholders funds for the last 3 years.

Suppliers / Manufacturers
Turnover at Haddonstone dropped 46% to £5.7m, but the company returned to profit with £304k for y/e (year ending) July 2010.
Sales edged higher at Premier PLC to £25.4m. There was a big leap in profits to £3.5m for y/e June 2010.
Proteam UK increased sales 6% to £16.7m. Profits edged higher to £1.5m for y/e August 2010.
Smithers-Oasis U.K. reported a profit of £2m on sales of £18.3m for y/e March 2010.
Sales edged higher at Stewart Plastics to £12.9m. Profits fell slightly to £1.3m. Total borrowings also fell sharply to less than £1m for y/e September 2010.
William Sinclair Holdings PLC edged sales up 5% to £46.5m. Profits almost doubled to £2.1m for y/e September 2010.

Garden Centres / Retailers
Sales at Aylett Nurseries held steady at £6.8m. Profits edged higher to £66k for the y/e Oct 2010.
C W Groves & Son (garden centre in Bridport) increased sales 10% to £2.9m and profits increased to £72k for y/e July 2010.
Sales increased at Chatsworth Garden Centre to £2.4m, but losses increased to £90k for y/e Mar 2010.
A bounce back for Crocus UK with sales up 30% to £8.4m and edging back into profit with £94k for y/e October 2010.
Frosts Garden Centre show the combined results for Woburn Sands, Brampton and Millets Farm. Sales were £22m and profits £888k for y/e July 2010.
FWM (Inveruie Garden Centre) published sales of £4.2m and profits of £682k for 14 months ending August 2010.
H Evans & Sons (Ruxley Manor Garden Centre) earned a profit of £1.9m on turnover of £8m for y/e December 2009.
Sales at Highway Nurseries (Framingham Pigot) fell back to £2.7m with losses increasing to £28k for y/e June 2010.
Turnover edged higher at Park Garden Centre to £10.6m. Profits fell back to £746k for y/e August 2010.
Ruxley Manor Garden Centre sales increased 7% to £7.5m. Profits increased sharply to £925k for y/e Dec 2009.
Profits leapt at Scotsdale Nursery and Garden Centre to £1.1m on sales of £14.4m for y/e July 2010.
Turnover edged higher at St John’s Nurseries (North Devon) to £3.4m but profits fell sharply to £75k for y/e September 2010.
Stax Trade Centres increased sales by 14% to £92.4m. Profits fell back slightly to £2.1m for y/e August 2010.
Woodcote Green Nurseries increased sales to £10.1m. Profits more than doubled to £383k for y/e August 2010.

Losses at Butters Group reduced to £232k on sales down 14% to £31.6m for y/e June 10.
Hamer Flower Seeds reported sales of £9.3m with a profit of £19k for y/e Dec 09.
Sales were static at Wyevale Holdings at £7.1m, but profits increased sharply to £770k for y/e July 2010. At Wyevale Nurseries sales remained at £8.8m but profits fell to £9k for the same period.

Turnover declined 5% at Countrywide Farmers PLC to £206m. Profits increased 34% to £2m for y/e May 2010.
Datateam Business Media increased revenue slightly to £6.7m with losses reduced to £13k for y/e June 2010.
Turnover has increased rapidly at English Landscapes Maintenance from £17m to £31.6m in 2 years. Profits have also increased to £1.1m for y/e March 2010.

N.b. Profits in all cases refers to PBT – Profit before Tax.

Other companies recently updated on Gardenforum’s Company Results include

Barenbrug U.K.
Barlow Tyrie
Bellis Brothers
Bernhards Landscapes
Bernhard’s Rugby Nurseries
Black & Decker
Black Country Metal Works
Bowles & Wyer
Brampton Garden Centre (Now dormant)
Britannic Garden Furniture
Cadix (UK)
Claire Austin Hardy Plants
Dalbys Nurseries
Doveleys Garden Centre
Glencrest Seatex
Good Directions
Lymefield Garden Centre
Millets Farm Garden Centre (Now dormant)
Moss End Garden Centre (Now dormant)
National Polytunnels
Pantiles Nurseries
Plymouth Garden Centre
The Beth Chatto Gardens
The National Botanic Garden of Wales
Ullesthorpe Garden Centre
Vital Earth GB
Vital Earth Group
White Moss Horticulture
Woodlawn Garden Centre
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