BHETA boss accuses major retailers of commercial bullying

The British Home Enhancement Trade Association (BHETA) has stepped in to defend DIY, housewares and garden suppliers from the actions of multiple retailers seeking to impose extended trading terms in these exceedingly challenging times. 

Adding 90 days to current terms

Two significant retail names in the home enhancement sector have notified suppliers of their intention to implement revised payment terms, adding a further 90 days to the current agreements in place.

BHETA’s chief operating officer, Will Jones has written to trading directors and chief buying officers requesting a call to discuss the consequences for suppliers.  He pointed out that it should be the collective responsibility of both retailers and suppliers to face the challenges of Covid-19 jointly, to secure the future security of the sector.

Nothing short of commercial bullying

Will Jones said, “…Huge retailers with considerably more resources than most of their suppliers are potentially going to cause the demise of many home improvement, housewares and garden companies. 

“Put simply, by taking actions like these, certain retailers are posing a threat not only to their own supplier base but to the whole industry.  It is nothing short of commercial bullying – and at the very worst of times for us all. 

“I cannot imagine that consumers would be too impressed to hear that some of their favourite brands were trying to exploit this terrible situation in this manner.”

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