Sustainability award for Southern Trident

Company: Southern Trident

Southern Trident is proud its achievements have been recognised at the North Lincolnshire Business Awards 2024.

The company was honoured as the runner-up for 'The Pepperells Innovation Award' and triumphed as the winner of 'The HETA Green Sustainability Award'.

These prestigious accolades underscore Southern Trident's commitment to innovation and sustainability, showcasing their accomplishments beyond the horticulture industry.

Their carbon-neutral status and groundbreaking product development for the Harmony Gardens and Coco & Coir brands have been recognised as leading contributions to environmentally responsible solutions.

Innovation in Action: The Pepperells Innovation Award

Southern Trident's distinction as a runner-up for 'The Pepperells Innovation Award' highlights their pioneering efforts in creating innovative products.

The Harmony Gardens and Coco & Coir brands exemplify the company's dedication to developing sustainable alternatives that meet the evolving needs of consumers and the environment. This recognition reflects Southern Trident's role as a forward-thinking leader in product innovation.

Championing Sustainability: The HETA Green Sustainability Award

Winning 'The HETA Green Sustainability Award' is a testament to Southern Trident's unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Their carbon-neutral status and environmentally responsible practices have set a new standard in the industry. The Harmony Gardens and Coco & Coir brands are at the forefront of this green revolution, offering products that are not only effective but also eco-friendly.

Recognition Beyond Horticulture

Southern Trident's success at the North Lincolnshire Business Awards 2024 signifies the broad impact of their sustainable initiatives.

The awards demonstrate how their dedication to environmental stewardship and innovative product development resonates beyond the horticulture sector, earning admiration and respect from diverse industries.

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