Seed shortage concerns reported by Wildflower Seed Company

Non-profit wildflower company, Seedball continues to report a surge in wildflower seed orders following the boost in popularity brought about following the Coronavirus pandemic, as Brits spent more time at home and in the garden, embracing nature. This increase in demand, together with a poor harvest last autumn, has contributed to a nationwide shortage in supply across the UK.

Seedball Co-founder & Director, Dr Emily Attlee, said: “Unfortunately, the harvest did not produce enough seeds to meet the demand, following the unusually hot spring in 2020.

Further seed shortages on the horizon

"With increasingly variable and extreme weather patterns being recorded, and dire climate change reports, there may be further seed shortages on the horizon. The impacts of rising temperatures on wildflower growth reinforces the urgency for all of us to push climate change much higher up on the agenda.”

In addition to the demand for home gardening among consumers, many large landscaping projects that require seeds have restarted after being delayed during the pandemic. This industrial demand has put a strain on seed resources for companies like Seedball. 

Dr Attlee added: “We’re of course delighted to see the demand for wildflower seeds skyrocket, as this means that more people are growing these massively important plants in their gardens, but the seed shortage highlights a wider issue that needs addressing.”

About Seedball

Seedball is part of Project Maya, a non-profit social enterprise working to inspire more people to grow native wildflowers from seed to help support bee, butterfly and other garden wildlife populations.

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