Giant Hogweed goes on the march in Scotland

Scotland is facing a significant threat from Giant Hogweed, an invasive and dangerous plant that has emerged early due to mild and wet weather conditions.  The plant, known for its caustic sap that can cause severe burns, is expected to have a prolific year in 2024.

Like many invasive species, such as Japanese Knotweed and Himalayan Balsam, it was brought to the UK as an architectural oddity, but now it has escaped and, without any natural enemies, it grows into dense colonies, especially along watercourses.

Complete Weed Control has observed the early growth of the plant in East Lothian. Eradicating this invasive species requires a coordinated effort by all landowners in affected areas, as the plant can spread rapidly and outcompete native vegetation.


The company has warned that delaying treatment can make eradication more challenging, while early treatment may be ineffective during heavy rainfall.

Complete Weed Control is one of Scotland’s leading weed control, ground maintenance and tree management specialists.

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