From compost bags to Plaswood® furniture

Company: Plaswood

A trial scheme for the collection of used compost packaging will see the material turned into recycled plastic furniture from Plaswood®, a Berry Global product.

The three-month trial is being run by Dobbies Garden Centres and Evergreen Garden Care in 10 Dobbies stores and is inviting consumers to return any film compost packaging, no matter what brand or where it was purchased. The collected material is then sent to the Berry bpi recycled products facility in Dumfries, where it is reprocessed and incorporated into the manufacture of Plaswood® garden furniture, which is being donated to Greenfingers, a charity that creates green spaces for terminally ill children.

The scheme ideally demonstrates that, although currently not widely collected by local authorities as part of kerbside collections or at recycling centres, polythene film is still a valuable resource that can have a beneficial second life.

“We are delighted by the initiative from Dobbies and Evergreen,” commented Katherine Lorek-Wallace, Plaswood® General Manager. “Plastic film has many practical benefits for the packaging of garden products such as compost, but far from being single use, the material can be recycled and utilised in the manufacture of many useful products.”

The Dobbies and Evergreen compost packaging recycling scheme follows a survey conducted by Dobbies, in collaboration with Censuswide, which found that 73% of respondents went out of their way to recycle, notably 77% of females and 69% of males.

Plaswood® lumber is waterproof and easy to clean, making it more hygienic than traditional timber alternatives. It will also not rot, splinter, or deteriorate over time, and therefore offers the perfect solution for all types of outdoor furniture and equipment.

“We believe that time outdoors can bring significant benefits to children with life-limiting condition,” explained Linda Petrons, Director of Fundraising and Communications at Greenfingers. “By supporting our work through their unique initiative, Dobbies and Evergreen will help us provide more children with the valuable opportunity to spend more time outside enjoying the therapeutic benefits of being close to nature.”

Marcus Eyles, Horticultural Director at Dobbies, said: “This initiative is a great win for the environment, for customers and for the community, and an important next stage of our #sustainabledobbies mission.”

Jane Hartley, Sustainability Marketing Manager, commented: "Evergreen is delighted to be working with Dobbies and their customers. Evidence suggests that consumers want to take the right action when it comes to recycling so our new Miracle-Gro Bring Back Compost Bags bins will create strong visibility in store to encourage people to recycle.”

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