Fiskars creates bee-friendly garden to mark World Bee Day 2022

Company: Fiskars

Fiskars, one of the UK’s leading gardening tool suppliers, has teamed up with several green fingered influencers to support the vital bee population as part of its Urban Gardening project.

To mark World Bee Day on 20th May 2022, Fiskars worked with Manchester Settlement, a charity that delivers a range of services to meet the developing needs of individuals, families, and communities, to create a ‘bee-friendly garden’ at Abbey Hey Allotments in Manchester.

Four Instagram content creators, Jon Dickinson (@TheHandsomeGardener), Jason Williams (@CloudGardenerUK), Yasmine El-Gabry (@MCRUrbanGardener), and Sarah Armer (@FromSarahsGarden), joined together to transform the allotments using Fiskars tools. In addition, Keter, the global leader of outdoor storage solutions, also lent its support by donating a number of its planters to the allotments.

The Urban Gardening project forms part of Fiskars’ global ‘Plant Seeds, Help Bees’ campaign, which has been providing ongoing support for the bee population since 2020.

Georgina Taylor, Marketing Manager at Fiskars UK, says: “Bees are essential to the wellbeing of our planet, and as one of the most industrious pollinators, they work hard to keep our gardens healthy and thriving.

“With several bee species under the threat of extinction, we want to help make a positive impact on the nation’s bee population as much as possible. Our Urban Gardening project is just one of the ways we are providing our support this year as we continue our ongoing commitment as part of our ‘Plant Seeds, Help Bees’ campaign to help the bees survive.”

As part of the project, Fiskars is also encouraging gardeners to create their own bee friendly havens in their gardens by providing advice on its various communication channels.

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