Colour Your Story, autumn/winter 2021-2022

Company: Desch Plantpak B.V.

Desch Plantpak presents the latest edition of Colour Your Story. The number one colourful inspiration magazine where you can find, among other things, the latest trends, innovations, developments in the field of sustainability, and an interview with Dr Joachim Christiani, Managing Director of Cyclos HTP.

Sustainability and certified plastic

Issues such as sustainability and recycling continue to be prominent concerns in the world where Desch operates. Not surprising, because today's initiatives are tomorrow's solutions we’re once again giving our full attention to our brands RECOVER® and D-Tect®PLUS this season.

Also in this issue of Colour Your Story:

  • The current colour trends of trend watcher Hilde Francq, with three different trend spheres
  • The latest products from Selecta One, Syngenta, Schoneveld breeding and Dümmen Orange
  • An interview with Dr Joachim Christiani on the certification of plastics and CHIRA, the newly developed software tool
  • A look behind the scenes at 'Gouden Reael' in Amsterdam, with a delicious Haddock Carpaccio recipe

Colour Your Story is distributed free of charge, or you can read it on the Desch website.

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