Chapel Cottage wages war on non-recyclable plastic

The March-based perennial grower Chapel Cottage Plants is doing its bit to stop non-recyclable plastic going to landfill with the introduction of new carry trays and pots. These will be phased in over the next 12-18 months while the nursery sells through all black pots and trays currently on site.

From early spring the nursery will be able to offer customers a new grey fully-recyclable tray, with three-litre pots coming on stream during spring and summer followed by one litre pots during the summer into autumn this year.

The new tray

The new tray is light Grey in colour and holds 10 pots of 1-litre plants. Produced from PCW – Post Consumer Waste fully-carbon free allowing the tray to be recycled into the mainstream recycling system (PP5 – recyclable).  Although this should be checked with local councils before disposal.

Minimum order quantity per CC trolley will increase slightly to 35 trays (350 pots) from the current 28 Correx trays of 12 pots (336 pots).

 The new pots

These will also be light grey in colour and fully kerbside-recyclable and produced from Post-Consumer Waste.

The next few months will also see new POS boards to help garden centres support this new campaign.

Chris Green said: “As a company we feel we must be doing more to help the environment and reduce the amount of plastic going into landfill instead of getting recycled. So please keep any eye out for the new packaging and bear with us whilst we transfer over to a more-environmentally friendly product.

 “If customers wish to carry on using our current format of 12 pots per Correx tray this is fine as we will still continue to use this for the foreseeable future. (The current Correx tray is also fully recyclable and suitable for kerbside recycling too.)"

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