WOLF-Garten celebrates 100 years of trading

Company: WOLF-Garten

WOLF-Garten, which specialises in garden tools for lawn care, soil and cultivation, tree and shrub care and general garden maintenance, is celebrating its 100 year anniversary this year.

The innovative company has gone from strength to strength since launching back in 1922, winning multiple awards for providing inventive gardening tools and machinery of premium quality to help make gardening easier and more enjoyable. 

One of the very first achievements

One of the very first achievements for the business was the draw hoe, a tool designed to make agricultural work easier. Developed by Gregor Wolf in 1927 in the ironware factory that his father August Wolf had founded with his two sons, Gregor and Otto in 1922.  This innovation was followed by many others.  

In 1953, WOLF-Garten was the first company in Europe to offer lawnmowers with rotating blades. The development of innovative seed and fertiliser products, as well as the extension of its lawnmower range also demonstrated the strength and diversity of the company. 

One of its most successful inventions is the multi-change® system that has guaranteed top quality for more than 35 years, launching back in 1982. The lightweight interchangeable gardening tool offers a handle and a tool to suit all gardening needs, and while the tool heads have evolved with changing trends, the initial design of the multi-change® tool has never altered. 

As an innovative company, WOLF-Garten is now looking ahead to the next 100 years of business and everything that may bring with it - watch this space!

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